About Us

Haghi Engineering started its activity in designing, tooling and stamping since 1991. Years of experience in design of progressive dies in addition to up to date engineering knowledge and high-tech methods has turned us into one of the most precise and creative tool makers in region; Succeeding in complicated and fragile projects prove this point.

Our company consists of several depts. and workshops such as: designing, tooling, press working, quality control, marketing and support.

Our activities include:

  • Tooling for multislide machines
  • Tooling for press machines
  • Special machinery for stamping

In addition to general machinery, the ability to grind different shapes and sections, perform EDM and wire EDM on the most ductile to the most brittle conductive materials in different sections and with different angles, and usage of the most accurate measuring instruments, make us capable of tooling accurately for a wide range of parts. Our precision tooling provides us with the gift of high efficiency in mass production.

We have always believed that manufactures must enhance man’s subsistence level. Thus we are proud that our activities has helped this cause.


Why To Choose Haghi Engineering?

  • More than 25 years of experience is our sincere sign of stability. The clients trust us over this background.
  • Even if parts require tight tolerances, we can produce it with high accurate dies that we made ourselves. Our solutions are reliable and repeatable. So parts can be produced over years with the same precision as the first day.
  • “There is no obstacle for engineers; they’ll find a solution or make one”. Haghi Engineering finds the solution for clients case by case. Even if there is no pre-invented way, we will design one.
  • In addition to finding and/or inventing solutions, we always offer the optimal way with the lowest cost of production.
  • With population growth also has increased demand on production. Today companies compete on speed of production. High speed and multi cavity stamping is one of our skills.
  • Maintenance of the dies is our responsibility without any cost for clients as long as dies are utilized in Haghi Engineering. So our customers will only pay for the production of their orders.