In Haghi Engineering production is based on customer’s order. Shape, tolerances and quantity of the part will determine the type of die and tools. They could be progressive dies, compound dies, and tools for multi-slide machine or even innovation of special machine for special parts. We also design and manufacture assembly lines for stamped parts. As a result, we can produce a wide range of metal parts and assemblies.

It should be noticed that most of the products in our company are produced by progressive dies; which reduce cost/part, production time and increase precision.



To stamp hard to cut materials (e.g. spring steels), and increase regrinding intervals, various grades of tungsten carbide is used. Carbide parts are machined to desired shapes with grinding and precise EDM processes.




Various methods and processes are used in our progressive dies:


Haghi Engineering has the technology of blanking a wide range of metals; from tough to soft, and in complicated shapes; even if sharp corners required.




Blanking of hard to cut material
Sharp Corners


we have the ability to pierce small holes in thick sheets.




If fine edges are required, partial or complete perimeter shaving technics are employed.



To ensure the required tolerances of bent parts we use various bending technics; wipe bending, V bending and roller bending.


Cold forging